Don Pepe Chamoy Sauce - Case - 12 Units
$46.57 $31.04

($2.59 / Unit)

$98.69 $65.80

($1.37 / Unit)

Enjoy your day even more with Coco de Pepe. A delightful way to entertain guests with flag-shaped coconut or to make your travels more joyful with the ease of portability of each banderilla.
$98.69 $65.80

Delight in the Taste of Don Pepe Candy

Welcome to a collection where indulgence meets tradition, the Don Pepe Candy collection. A treasure trove of delights made from carefully selected ingredients, our collection pays homage to the rich Mexican heritage that is the core of Don Pepe Candy.

A Celebration of Flavors

Don Pepe Candy is not just a sweet treat—it's a sensory journey. The collection boasts a variety of flavors that are sure to entice and satisfy. From the refreshing tang of tamarind to the creaminess of coconut, the Don Pepe Candy collection offers a blend of taste sensations that are both unique and nostalgic.

The coconut candies, available in Blanco and Bandera variants, are crafted to perfection, offering an exciting texture that balances the sweet and creamy coconut. Whether you want to relish the natural goodness of Blanco or enjoy the vibrant layers of Bandera, these coconut candies provide a tropical getaway with each bite.

The tamarind candy, encapsulated in the Ollitas, is a tribute to the classic Mexican candy. The complex flavor profile of sweet, sour, and spicy gives the candy its distinctive character. It's a treat that takes you on a culinary exploration of traditional Mexican flavors.

Quality You Can Trust

Don Pepe Candy is synonymous with quality. Each candy in our collection is made with high-quality ingredients to ensure you get nothing but the best. Packaged to maintain freshness, these candies deliver an authentic taste that will have you reaching for more.

Our collection provides a great way to enjoy the traditional Mexican confectionery. The candies are individually packaged, making them convenient for on-the-go snacking, sharing with friends, or adding a sweet touch to any celebration.

Discover the Joy of Don Pepe Candy

Whether you are looking for a nostalgic taste of home or want to discover new flavors, the Don Pepe Candy collection has something for everyone. These candies are more than just a sweet treat—they're a way to experience a rich culture and a long-standing tradition of Mexican confectionery.

For those seeking unique gifts, our collection offers an ideal option. A gift of Don Pepe Candy is not just a box of sweets—it's sharing a piece of tradition, a taste of heritage, and a world of flavors.

Embrace Tradition with Don Pepe Candy

The joy of unwrapping a piece of Don Pepe Candy is a universal pleasure. It's a little taste of Mexico, wherever you are. So why wait? Discover the delectable range of flavors that the Don Pepe Candy collection offers. From the moment you taste the tangy tamarind or the creamy coconut, you'll understand why Don Pepe Candy is so cherished. So, indulge yourself and share the joy with Don Pepe Candy—where tradition and taste come together delightfully.

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