Coronado Dulce De Leche Squeeze Bottle 23.3oz - Case - 12 Units
Authentic Mexican treat: Indulge in the deliciousness of Coronado Cajeta Dulce de Leche with this convenient squeeze bottle. Experience the authentic taste of Mexico's beloved sweet caramel treat. Easy-to-use squeeze bottle: The 23.3oz squeeze bottle makes it effortless to dispense...
$105.07 $70.04
Coronado Cajeta Cinnamon - Case - 12 Units
$105.07 $70.04

$ 5.84 Per Unit

Coronado Cajeta Cinnamon - Case - 12 Units
Rich and indulgent: Coronado Cajeta Cinnamon is a delicious Mexican caramel sauce with a hint of cinnamon, perfect for adding a touch of sweetness to your favorite treats. Case of 12: This product comes in a convenient case containing 12...
$105.07 $70.04
Coronado Paleton Chocolate Marshmallow .88oz (18ct) - Case - 432 Units
Irresistible combination: Coronado Paleton Chocolate Marshmallow offers a delightful blend of smooth chocolate and fluffy marshmallow, creating a heavenly treat that satisfies your sweet cravings. Generous quantity: Each order includes nine individual Coronado Paleton Chocolate Marshmallows, providing you with an...
$290.15 $193.43
Coronado Paleton Tira De Cajeta Lolipop 10ct (2pk) (4.9oz) - Case - 50 Units
Irresistible flavor combination: Coronado Paleton Tira de Cajeta Lolipop offers a mouthwatering blend of rich caramel cajeta and creamy lollipop goodness. Convenient pack: Each order includes 2 packs of Coronado Paleton Tira de Cajeta Lolipop, with a total of 10...
$144.69 $96.46

Coronado Candy: A Taste of Authentic Mexican Sweetness

There's a reason why Coronado Candy has been a beloved name in the realm of authentic Mexican sweets for generations. Steeped in tradition and crafted with passion, Coronado Candy products are a journey for your taste buds, presenting a delightful fusion of classic flavors and innovative taste profiles. Each product in our collection is a testament to the brand's commitment to quality, offering a delectable treat for every palate.

The Indulgence of Coronado Candy

Coronado Candy products are renowned for their smooth, rich textures and distinctive flavors. From creamy caramels to delightful lollipops, each candy brings forward the authentic taste of Mexico, letting you savor the sweetness of traditional confectionery. Made with carefully selected ingredients, Coronado Candy ensures a superior candy experience that will leave you wanting more.

The Coronado Candy collection features a variety of products that cater to a wide range of tastes. For those who enjoy the classic combination of sweetness and creaminess, our Dulce De Leche products are a perfect choice. These candies offer a unique twist on the traditional caramel, providing a delicate balance of sweet and creamy notes that is truly irresistible. Whether you prefer to enjoy it straight from the bottle or use it as a topping on desserts, our Dulce De Leche candies are sure to add a touch of sweetness to your day.

Chocolate lovers are also in for a treat with our collection of chocolate marshmallow products. These candies are a delightful fusion of smooth chocolate and fluffy marshmallow, creating a unique taste profile that is simply delightful. Whether you're looking for a midday treat or a sweet snack for a special occasion, our chocolate marshmallow candies are a perfect choice.

For those who prefer something a bit more traditional, our collection of cajeta lollipops is a must-try. Made from a special blend of sugar and goat's milk, these lollipops are a classic Mexican treat that offers a rich, creamy flavor profile. Each lollipop is a journey of taste, letting you savor the sweetness of cajeta with every lick. These lollipops are not just a candy, they are an experience – one that brings you closer to the authentic taste of Mexican confectionery.

The Coronado Candy Experience

Coronado Candy is more than just a brand – it's a tradition, a legacy of sweet indulgence that has been passed down through generations. The Coronado Candy collection is a testament to this legacy, offering a range of products that cater to every taste and preference. Whether you're a fan of creamy caramels, decadent chocolates, or traditional lollipops, our collection has something for you.

Every Coronado Candy product is crafted with care, using quality ingredients and traditional recipes. This commitment to quality is evident in every bite, letting you savor the authentic taste of Mexican sweets. With Coronado Candy, you're not just enjoying a candy – you're experiencing a part of Mexican tradition, a sweet piece of cultural heritage.

If you're searching for authentic Mexican candy, look no further than Coronado Candy. With our extensive collection of high-quality products, you're sure to find a treat that satisfies your sweet tooth. Explore our collection today and experience the sweetness of Coronado Candy for yourself.

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