Las Sevillanas Glorias 30gm (20ct) - Case - 120 Units
Las Sevillanas Glorias are delicious soft candies, that get their delicious flavor from the goat's milk and pecans. The Glorias chewy nutty milk caramel melts in your mouth! Taste a little bit of Mexico in every one of these.
$114.56 $76.37
Mini Obleas Las Sevillanas 50gm I Wafer With Cajeta- Case - 120 Units
Share the delicious taste of mini obleas Las Sevillanas with your family, now individually wrapped, ideal to take everywhere you go. What are obleas made of? These sweets are reduced in sugar, made with cajeta and completely natural goat's milk,...
$140.33 $93.56
Las Sevillanas Oblea Medium W/Cajeta Wafers 5ct - Case - 15 Units
Oblea con cajeta is a fun nutritional candy for kids. It's the perfect combination of a crunchy but yet soft wafer and the clasic taste of cajeta, making it a favorite among traditional mexican candy.
$89.83 $59.89
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