Lucas Watermelon 12ct (1.05oz) - Case - 20 Units
$150.78 $100.52

($5.03 / Unit)

Lucas Watermelon 12ct (1.05oz) - Case - 20 Units
This sale is for a Lucas watermelon flavored the original from Lucas word 12-pack package of the popular spaghetti-like spicy candy. watermelon flavored 1 package of original Gusano Tamarindo salsa to spread over the Salsaghetti. Real good candy you will...
$150.78 $100.52
Lorena Pelon Pelo Rico 12ct 1oz - Case - 24 Units
$159.56 $106.37

($4.43 / Unit)

Lorena Pelon Pelo Rico 12ct 1oz - Case - 24 Units
Pelon Rico is a delicious tamarind sweet, soft and in the form of strings. Kids will have fun pressing the bottle down and the small strips of candy come up from the bottom. It is one of Mexico's most popular...
$159.56 $106.37
$183.37 $122.25

($6.11 / Unit)

Rosa Mazapan the traditional sweet that we have always found at school, at work and on the sidewalks. Made with perfectly roasted peanuts and turned into this rich crunchy wafer, marzipan is a favorite on our palate. Enjoy this package,...
$183.37 $122.25
Las Sevillanas Glorias 30gm (20ct) - Case - 120 Units
Las Sevillanas Glorias are delicious soft candies, that get their delicious flavor from the goat's milk and pecans. The Glorias chewy nutty milk caramel melts in your mouth! Taste a little bit of Mexico in every one of these.
$130.77 $87.18
Mini Obleas Las Sevillanas 50gm I Wafer With Cajeta- Case - 120 Units
Share the delicious taste of mini obleas Las Sevillanas with your family, now individually wrapped, ideal to take everywhere you go. What are obleas made of? These sweets are reduced in sugar, made with cajeta and completely natural goat's milk,...
$160.22 $106.81
De La Rosa Pulparindo Yellow .5oz 20 ct - Case - 32 Units
Pulparindo Candy is sure to satisfy your sweet cravings. These delicious tamarind bars are made with natural tamarind paste and a tangy combination of added salt and powdered chili. They come in a classic 20-count box, making them the perfect...
$138.59 $92.39
Sonric's Rockaleta Lollipop In Bag (Individually Wrapped) 20ct - Case - 10 Units
Sonric's Rockaleta Lollipop can be used to fill up pinatas, gift bags, or party favors for any celebration. Rockaleta is not an ordinary lollipop; it has 5 different layers with five different flavors—spicy, lime, pineapple, orange, with gum as the...
$106.92 $71.28
Lucas Gusano Chamoy Liquid (Yellow Lid, 10pc) (1.3oz) 10ct - Case - 15 Units
Lucas Gusano is liquid-based tamarind chamoy flavored candy. It is packaged in a small bottle. Have it once and you will want to have it forever. Lucas Gusano will satisfy your desire for that hot liquid candy you have always...
$101.42 $69.22
De La Rosa Japones Peanuts 1.48oz (14ct) - Case - 224 Units
Satisfy your salty snack cravings with japones nuts. Just one handful makes a filling afternoon treat. Serve up a bowl of these delicious peanuts at a party to feed your guests. You can even use them in your favorite peanut-based...
$105.40 $70.27
Mara Piñata Assorted (No Chile) 5lbs - Case - 8 Units
$156.94 $104.62

($13.08 / Unit)

Mara Piñata Assorted (No Chile) 5lbs - Case - 8 Units
Mix Pinata surprise assorted candy flavored with chili. (Acidulated solid caramel mix assorted flavors with chiles for piñatas).
$156.94 $104.62
Ricofiesta Ricolino Assortment 3lb (52.9oz) (1.5kg) - Case - 4 Units
Ricofiesta Ricolino is the perfectly assorted combination of chocolate flavor, candies, and gum, is filled with 5 delicious and classic Ricolino favorites. They are perfect for piata stuffers, holidays or children's parties. The bag contains Pecositas , strawberry, orange, and...
$80.06 $53.37
Sonrics Piñata Surprise Assorted Candy 5lb - Case - 5 Units
Sonrics Piñata Surprise Mix 5 LB Bag - Pinata Surprise Candy is a delicious line of Mexican candies that are a perfect and fun idea for children's parties. Filling a piñata or filling favor bags is something that brings joy...
$97.01 $64.68
Vero Mix Fuego Lollipops W/Chili Assorted 40ct - Case - 7 Units
Vero Candy Lollipops in a variety of shapes, sizes, and sweet flavors, these sweet lollipops are made to tickle your tongue: Mango and Elote are coated with chili, Sandi Brushes are filled with chili, and Tongue Twister is chili candy....
$32.82 $24.62
Forritos Chamoy Zumba Pica/Apple Paste 5ct 12.85oz - Case - 12 Units
Zumba forritos is a delicious soft and flexible tamarind flavored caramel, ideal to cover apples with a spicy and sweet touch and enjoy whenever you want.The package consists ofo 5 units of 73 gr each. Total weight 365 gr.
$116.20 $77.47
Vero Mango Lollipop W/Chili 40ct (22.6oz) - Case - 7 Units
Mango Lollipops with Chile are coated with chili deliciousness. This chili-dusted delight will leave your taste buds tingling with that classic spicy-sweet flavor. are coated with chili deliciousness. This chili-dusted delight will leave your taste buds tingling with that classic...
$49.23 $32.82
Vero Pica Goma Tamarindo/Tamarind 100ct 21.2oz - Case - 8 Units
Vero pica tamarind are watermelon flavored tamarind gummies coated with chili and sugar. The gummy balls are rough in texture when first place in your mouth, but as you lick this delicious candy it will smoothen while allowing you to...
$56.26 $37.51
Sabritas Peanuts Japones Style 7oz - Case - 12 Units
$42.70 $32.03

($3.56 / Unit)

Sabritas Peanuts Japones Style 7oz - Case - 12 Units
Sabritas Japones Peanuts is the most popular Mexican snack is mildly flavored with soy sauce and coated with a delectable crunchy layer that is both tasty and irresistible; eat one and drive your taste buds wild! Just one taste and...
$42.70 $32.03
Safari Changuitrozos 14.1oz - Case - 10 Units
$48.14 $32.09

($3.21 / Unit)

Safari Changuitrozos 14.1oz - Case - 10 Units
Safari Changuitrozos are fruit pulp covered in sweet and sour chili powder. Ingredients: Hawtrom apple, Quince Guava, iodized salt, chili, sodium benzoate citric acid.
$48.14 $32.09
Zumba Pica Paleta are made with tamarind flavoring and guajillo chili powder for the perfect sweet, salty, and spicy candy. These traditional Mexican candy lollipops are individually wrapped to preserve freshness and can be used to fill up pinatas, goody...
$47.34 $31.56

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Discover the Delights of Mexican Candy

Experience the vibrant and indulgent world of Mexican candy with our extensive selection. Bursting with flavors as diverse as the Mexican culture itself, our collection is a one-stop destination for anyone looking to explore the richness and variety of traditional Mexican sweets. From fruity and tangy to spicy and savory, there is a treat to satiate every palate.

Unleash a World of Flavor

Mexican candies are loved for their complex flavors and unique combinations. They masterfully blend sweet, spicy, tangy, and savory notes, providing a taste sensation that's truly unique. Whether it's the sour kick of chili powders, the chewy delight of gummies, the crunchy goodness of peanuts, or the sweet allure of chocolate bars, each product in our collection delivers an authentic taste of Mexico.

Other popular categories include coconut candy, fruit jelly, marshmallows, and lollipops. For the more adventurous, we offer candies mixed with pumpkin seeds and seeds brittle, a perfect blend of sweet and savory. We also have a variety of breath mints and gum for those who prefer something a bit more refreshing.

Brands that Bring Mexico to You

Our collection boasts a variety of renowned brands, each with its unique spin on Mexican candy. Brands like Anahuac, Alvro, Barcel, Bocadin, and Bondy Fiesta are just a few that contribute to the diverse offerings in our collection. De La Rosa, known for their delicious marzipan, and Lucas, famed for their tangy candy powders, are also part of our wide range. Each brand brings with it a legacy of Mexican confectionery, ensuring you get only the most authentic products.

An Experience Beyond Taste

Mexican candy is more than just a treat for your taste buds; it's an experience. These candies, rooted in tradition, are a fantastic way to explore Mexican culture. From the iconic sugar skulls used in Day of the Dead celebrations to the everyday delights enjoyed by children and adults alike, every piece of candy tells a story. By choosing our products, you are not just buying candy; you are immersing yourself in the rich tapestry of Mexican culture and tradition.

Mexican Candy: A Delightful Treat for Every Occasion

Our collection is perfect for every occasion. Planning a party? Our assortment of Mexican candies can add a unique and flavorful twist to your celebration. Looking for a unique gift? Our selection can make for a thoughtful and delicious present. Whether you're a fan of Mexican cuisine, looking to try something new, or searching for that nostalgic taste of home, we've got you covered.

In conclusion, our Mexican candy collection is a treasure trove of flavors, waiting to be explored. Its diversity mirrors the multicultural richness of Mexico, and each product carries with it a piece of this vibrant culture. So why wait? Start your flavorful journey today with our Mexican candy collection and experience the true taste of Mexico.

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