Cabellina Pure Placenta shampoo (32oz) - Case - 12 Units
Placenta shampoo contains placenta and proteins to help your hair grow back strong. - It's combination of natural plant extracts (Aloe Vera, Poal, Amole, and Jojoba) aid the process of restoration.Act and cleanses deeply in the hair fiber helping to...
$172.58 $115.06
Cabellina Shampoo Taking Care Of Your Hair, Made Of Chili And Romery - Case - 12 Units
Shampoo chile improves the appearance of the hair: The main ingredients, such as chili and rosemary, stimulate circulation, strengthen the roots and improve the capillary structure of fine or brittle hair Revitalize your hair: By keeping your hair clean daily...
$172.58 $115.06
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