Cantaritos De Barro Natural 12oz Medium - Case - 24 Units
Drink in style with the traditional cantaritos de barro.Completely handmade, the cantaritos de barro are ideal to serve prepared drinks and to give a more Mexican touch to your decor. These red clay cantaritos are perfect for holidays, celebrations, or...
$48.56 $39.89
Cantarito De Barro Large 32oz - Case - 12 Units
$68.24 $59.40

($4.95 / Unit)

Cantarito De Barro Large 32oz - Case - 12 Units
Cantarito are sure to keep your water and drinks fresh longer; besides being an original way to enjoy a Mexican drink. Other uses for the Clay Jarritos include flower pots to give your home a Mexican style or as napkin...
$68.24 $59.40
Botellon De Barro - Traditional Mexican Bottle (4qt Jug + 16oz Cup) - Case - 1 Units
Botellon de barro: jug and cup made of clay that gives an authentic flavor to water LEAD FREE!-Can be used in kitchens or outdoors. Ideal to have fresh water, juice, and more.-Perfect to place that morning orange juice during breakfast...
Jarro De Barro 25.3oz (4pk) - Case - 12 Units
This 4-pack of 25.3oz Jarro De Barro jars is made with hand crafted clay, sourced and made in Mexico. Perfect for any occasion, these jars can hold anything from water to mixed drinks. High quality and great for any setting,...
Candle Niã‘o Divino Jesus (White, Large Glass) - Case - 12 Units
Candle Jesus: lighting a candle to the divine Children Jesus, is an act of devotion that is born from the heart, and fills the soul of the devotee with a lot of spiritual peace, it is lit for various reasons,...
$40.82 $27.22
Imusa 12cm Aluminum Mug 1qt (4pk) - Case - 4 Units
$50.33 $33.55

($8.39 / Unit)

Imusa 12cm Aluminum Mug 1qt (4pk) - Case - 4 Units
The Imusa 12cm aluminium mug is ideal for soup, hot chocolate and more preparations. It features a side handle making it ideal for camping or kitchen use.
$50.33 $33.55
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