Jumex Tetra Pak Guava Nectar Juice 64oz - Case - 8 Units
$62.82 $41.88

($5.24 / Unit)

Jumex Tetra Pak Guava Nectar Juice 64oz - Case - 8 Units
Jumex jamaica convenient, high-quality package with sterilized packaging process and an ultrasonic sealing process for a long-lasting package; convenient for consumers with limited storage space; Ideal package for use between families and larger groups.
$62.82 $41.88
Jumex Strawberry-Banana Sports Can 16.9oz - Case - 12 Units
Strawberry Banana Jumex is a 169 oz canned bottle with resealable lid. Unique nectar grade aluminum resealable bottle that keeps nectars at a deliciously cool temperature; very suitable for a long day at work.
$37.53 $25.02

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Welcome to's Juices section!

Juices are a staple in many households and a perfect way to stay hydrated and healthy. At MexMax, we offer a wide variety of juices that cater to different tastes and preferences. Whether you prefer fruit juices or vegetable juices, we have something for everyone. Our juices are sourced from top-quality brands and are available in different sizes to suit your needs.

Types of Juices

We offer a range of juices that are perfect for any occasion. From breakfast to lunch or even as a refreshing drink during hot afternoons, our juices are sure to hit the spot. Here are some of the types of juices you can find on our website:

1. Fruit Juices: We offer a variety of fruit juices, including apple, orange, pineapple, and mango.
2. Vegetable Juices: For those who prefer their juices on the savory side, we also offer vegetable juices like tomato and carrot.
3. Nectars: If you're looking for a sweeter juice, our nectars are perfect. We offer nectars made from tropical fruits like guava and passionfruit.


We understand that everyone has their favorite brand when it comes to juices. That's why we offer a variety of brands to choose from. Some of the popular brands you'll find on our website include:

1. Jumex
2. Del Valle
3. Kern's
4. Welch's


Whether you're buying for yourself or your family, we have juices available in different sizes to suit your needs. From individual-sized cartons to larger bottles, you'll find the perfect size for any occasion.

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